Hemp your job – Velenje exhibit

The city of Velenje is currently helping to acquire and furnish new spaces for business incubators and coworking areas. As of September 25th Business center Standard and the local community Start:up Velenje are opening their doors to potential new participants sharing a common goal – to channel the innovative energy and knowledge of the younger generation towards new businesses and to strenghthen all of the conditions needed to develop and grow business opportunities in Velenje.

Since Konopko is all about connecting local hemp producers, processors, innovators, researchers, entrepeneurs,...basically everyone who sees hemp as unnourished potential we were more than willing to set up a display window in Business center Standard. By this we aim to display all of the business opportunities that hemp offers – through generating local jobs and increasing the level of self-sufficiency in Slovenia.

In this first period that concludes in spring of 2016, the display window tells a hemp story – from seed to product, by arranging different elements of hemp products throughout the window case. On this particular occasion more stress was put on hemp in the textile and construction industry. In the following months the content of the display will be altered many times, thus showing the multitude of usage of hemp, by this hoping to encourage locals to think of hemp as a business commodity.

All of you who see hemp as the future are more than welcome to join Konopko Coop – more info on why it's goooood to join Konopko read here.

Posted on: 28.09.2015