Mednarodna konferenca o industrijski konoplji (EIHA 2015)

12th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association, 20-21 May 2015, Wesseling near Cologne, Germany is the largest event on industrial hemp worldwide (fibres, shivs, seeds and oil as well as pharmaceutical applications - CBD).

The International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed worldwide. Specialists from all over the world meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp and in other natural fibres and moreover on the applications for fibres, shivs (hurds), seeds, oil and CBD. Participants range from cultivation consultants, primary and further processors, traders, scientists and engineers, and investors to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and to international automotive companies and suppliers.

This year almost 260 participants from 37 countries were registered. Konopko Cooperative was also attending this important event to be in touch with global hemp industry and to learn about new opportunities which could be implemented in local economy.

Datum objave: 22.05.2015