Use of Hemp Oil and Essential Hemp Oil in cosmetics

Due to its specific contant and numerous positive side effects Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) has become a force to be reckonned with in the cosmetic industry as well – mostly in products meant for skin-care. In these products, hemp can be found in three principal forms:
  • cold-pressed oil made from hemp seeds,
  • essential oil, derived from steam distillation of flowers and top leaves of female plants,
  • hemp hydrolate which is a byproduct of steam distillation (female plants) but is in this case a water phase
Due to its characteritics, essential hempseed oil may be applied when dealing with ongoing, longterm ilnessess
  • it induces the sensation of serenety
  • relaxes the muscles – it has an antiinflammatory feature (which is especially desirable when you are experiencing muscle pain) as well as an antispasmodic quality (which relieves one from muscle spasms)
  • it alleviates stress and helps with incomnia
  • it reduces swelling
  • it eases skin irritation and allergic reactions on the skin
  • it helps with respiratory problems
  • it decreases syptoms for ilnessess such as asthma, high body temperature, sinusitis
  • it boosts energy levels
  • lessens nervousness and anxiety
  • it effectively regulates the female hormone system (helps with so-called PMS)
  • has a full holistic approach: opens, relaxes and balances body, mind and soul
The colour of essential hempseed oil depends on the type of hemp used (Finola, Fibrol, USO,...) and varies from a pale yellow to a light green liquid. The content itself is also depentent on the type of hemp used and is in itself a mixture of monoterpenes (acting as an analgesic, tonic and stimulant), sesquiterpenes (antiinflammatory traits) and other terpenoid compounds.
It is widely used in perfumes, soaps, facial / body creams and many other cosmetic products.
In the food industry it acts as a natural additive for drinks and candy.
Cold pressed hemp seed oil contains a combination of unsaturated fatty acids, protein, a variety of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. All of these components represent a nearly ideal combination which reduces the effects of skin aging, maintains the skin's moisture while increasing its natural protective ability.

Written by: Alenka Zapušek, M.Sc.,



Eterično olje iz konoplje

Eterično olje pridobivamo s parno destilacijo cvetov in zgornjih listov ženskih rastlin industrijske konoplje in se uporablja v parfumih, milih, kremah in ostalih kozmetičnih izdelkih. Kvaliteta eteričnega olja je odvisna tudi od uporabljene sorte konoplje, po izkušnjah daje FINOLA izjemno kvalitetno eterično olje rumenkaste barve in polnega intenzivnega vonja.