Why go hemp?

Ah, hemp. We might as well call it the plant that could be all! We have a saying here in Slovenia: »It grows like hemp!«. Can you imagine how fast that is, since hemp needs about 100 days from sowing until harvest, providing it has optimal conditions, you may even see yourself harvesting twice.
Hemp is an all natural, ecological and fully degradable material. It is known for having the strongest and toughest fiber amongst all plants. In the past it has been used to a much greater extent than today, that is, it was a part of everyday life.
Nowadays, we have learned how to make close to 50.000 products from this one plant. It may be used in construction, food technology, medicine, textile, cosmetic, paper and automobile industry (where it can also work as a substitute for fossil fuels).
From an agriculural standpoint, hemp is absolutely wonderful for tilling the soil. It is excellent for fitoremediation since it purifies the soil of contaminantes such as heavy metals, radioactive elements and fitochemicals that have all firmly taken their place in the soil. It also has a great yield per hectare, it does not require any form of pesticides or demanding land cultivation and comes highly recommended as a turn in crop rotation. And not forgetting this important fact: hemp is CO2 neutral.

Amongst other traits that hemp has, it is a terribly simple biodigradable material which has the capacity to be fully recycled, replacing non-degradable, plastic and synthetic materials which are known to be the agents of various modern day diseases.

We trust that hemp will once again rise to the occasion and become, even more so, a plant of the future and that mankind will soon be reacquainted with it's many beneficial characteristics. We believe that an increased usage (where hemp will replace standard synthetic and fossil fuel based materials) of hemp-derived products will provide us with multilateral benefits, from an ecological point of view where the potential of hemp is greatest as from the position of economy where it can clearly contribute to the sustainable development of Slovenia's economy.

Konoplja in les

Iz konopljinega pezdirja (sredice stebla) in vlaken se izdelujejo vlaknene in vezane plošče. Kot vezivo je možno uporabiti celulozo iz istega materiala, posledično je produkt 100% ekološki, biorazgradljiv, odporen na insekte in vodoodporen. Za razliko od lesa konoplja v primeru požara ne gori v plamenih ampak zgolj tli, kar preprečuje širjenje ognja.