Membership in the Konopko Cooperative and it's advantages

KonopKo co-operative operates according to the following principles: open membership, democratic co-governance of members, a right to education on the topic, trainings and full availability of information, cooperation between different co-ops, care for the community. We have over 130 members (hemp growers) and we are by far the largest hemp group in Slovenia (updated status 11/2018).

We invite different groups and individuals to join, i.e.:
  • hemp growers (farmers)
  • processors of hemp
  • owners of farming machinery and equipment
  • experts, researchers, developers in the field of hemp production / processing and sales (including hemp products)
  • everyone interested in hemp and who are willing to participate in our story
  • buyers of our products
  • Konopko supporters

Benefits for members are:

  • all relevant information about hemp is gathered in one place (here :) )
  • lower production costs (joint usage of machinery and equipment)
  • common usage of the co-op brand, making for a more effective marketing
  • legal protection
  • more rapid progress using a common information database
  • buying crops from members at a fair price
  • lower purchase prices for hemp seeds for growing
  • lower prices for end buyers who are members of the co-op.

The social benefits of Konopko Co-op are clear and simple!

  • generating new employment opportunities
  • encouraging local economy growth
  • a higher degree of self-sufficiency within Slovenia
  • regenerating arable land
  • environmentally friendly sustainable economy
  • inclusion of socially vulnerable groups

What are our long-term objectives?

  1. General promotion and organisation of hemp growing in Slovenia, promotion of cooperative idea.
  2. The acquisition and development of technical equipment for the production and processing of hemp (sharing resources)
  3. Linking urban centers to rural areas (direct contact - farmer - cooperative - buyer)
  4. Establishment of operational units cooperatives in rural areas in Slovenia (buying crop, processing, advice to farmers)
  5. Establishing a cooperative retail units in major cities in Slovenia (sales, consulting, training customers)
  6. Setting up a Slovenian Hemp Association (workshops, training, education, research,...)
  7. Organization of events on the topic of industrial hemp (workshops, lectures, round tables ...)
  8. Development of new products from industrial hemp (in conjunction with universities, institutes, innovators, researchers and industry).
  9. Generating new jobs in urban areas and rural areas
  10. Promoting the cultivation of industrial hemp - revitalization of contaminated soil using industrial hemp (fitoremidiation), rehabilitation of agricultural land under intensive use of pesticides, the cultivation of hemp in the area with various restrictions (Natura 2000, water protected areas).

Članstvo po statutu

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