Konopko at AGRA 2015 agricultural fair (22nd – 27th of August)

Konopko at AGRA 2015 agricultural fair (22nd – 27th of August)

Konopko Coop was a part of this year's agricultural fair AGRA which took place in Gornja Radgona (SLO). During the fair Konopko presented its activites in the field of hemp and cooperative work through various displays of many uses of hemp – in everyday life and within the realm of high-tech innovations.
Practical use of hemp was presented through different workshops that took place each day at the fair. These workshops were: cooking with hemp, hemp in cosmetics, building with hemp and hemp&textiles. There visitors were able to get a taste of Slovenian hemp oil, hemp bread, hemp cookies, cottage cheese&hempseed bread spread, hemp tea and other refreshing hemp beverages.

In other workshops we put some hemp cosmetic products on display, samples of hemp fully degreadable bioplastics, some fabrics and string, hempcrete blocks, insulation, fiberboards and other building elements – all of the above were made from 100% Slovenian hemp. As a large exhibit Konopko also started to build a sauna made from hemp construction and insulation materials – more available in the gallery. Visitors of the fair were also able to actively participate in learning how to weave a hemp string (rope) in a traditional way, presented by a dear friend of Konopko who joined us from Austria.

Keeping with fabrics, Konopko cooperated with a young student of textile technology from the University of Maribor, Irma Selimović who helped put up our first hemp fashion show. The show featured 100% organic hemp fabrics worn by our very own Konopko models who showcased five different fashion styles – designed and made by them. Gallery from the fashion show is available here.

Along with all of the above, Konopko helped organize this year's World Hemp Congress 2015 which took place within the AGRA fair. WHC featured interesting global hemp innovations, information on producing, processing and usage of hemp. The main focus of this year's congress was »Economics in Hemp« where foreign and local experts gave their lectures on the following themes:

  • technologies, innovations and resears in the field of hemp
  • hemp in global economy
  • products and materials made from hemp
  • hemp in agriculture and food
  • the use of medicinal cannabis and legislation on the matter
  • good practices home and abroad

During WHC a global innovation challenge took place on which Konopko introduced 4 innovative products:

  • hemp plastics (biogranulate made from hemp and PLA)
  • hemp fiber boards
  • hemp sound insulation brick
  • hemp sauna

And thus we've concluded this year's main event for Konopko. We kindly thank all of you who managed to honour us with your presence and to those who weren't able to make it, we extend a warm greeting of welcome. Some moments captured in the lens are available in our photogallery.
Hemp us to a better future ;)

You are welcome to watch a short clip from the fair, courtesy of TV AS – show »Zelejni kout« (with Edita Nemec); spolier alert: the show is in Slovenian.

Posted on: 30.08.2015