KonopKo's first hemp crops purchase

KonopKo has made the cruical step »from words to action« - first purchase of crops successfully concluded. In this round we were looking for top quality hemp seeds and hemp tea grown exclusively in Slovenia. The event took place on the 19th of November 2015 on the farm of Marjan Križman, Coop member. On his farm KonopKo Coop has established the very first manufacturing unit with warehouse, processing and packaging facilities.

Our quality control specialists were very busy as the seeds and tea were assesed according to a multitude of factors (moisture of seeds, purity, colour...). Final decision was made after the results for aflatoxins came in. These assesment factors are crucial if KonopKo is to ensure a high quality of hemp food products and that is one of our aims, to give our costumers a hemp line of the highest premium quality. Made and processed 100% in Slovenia.

Further purchase dates will be publicly published on our website, our Facebook page, growers who will express special interest will be specifically informed via email of telephone.

To be continued..

Hemp is the future!

Posted on: 19.11.2015