KonopKo hemp products now available online

We proudly invite you to visit our new web shop and find something to suit your needs - opened all year long 24/7. You will find products of our very own KonopKo brand as well as hemp products from other Slovenian manufacturers and some from other EU countries, since the manufacturing of those products is not yet available in Slovenia but rest assure they are all made in compliance with ecological and quality standards which KonopKo holds so dear.

The Konopko team will always keep products in stock, ensure a variety of hemp products and we will keep introducing new products. What do we offer now?

  • Konopko food brand products of premium quality: hemp tea, hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp pellets, hemp »press-cake« , hemp oil sediment. Some of the products come in a specially chosen miron glass which is valued for its UV resistant qualities which ensures the content is kept in mint condition for a much longer time compared to that in standard packaging.
  • Natural cosmetics: hemp ointments, hemp peeling made with Piranske soline sea salt
  • Textiles: hemp fabrics, ropes, strands
  • Hemp paper
  • Special UV resistant miron glass packaging

And remember! By stopping and shopping in our online store you support and help Konopko Coop do great things in the future. English version will be available very soon to make you shopping even easier.
Our vision: www.konopko.si/en/our-vision

Hemp is the future!

Posted on: 07.01.2016