Research on the content of cannabinoids and antioxidants in hemp

A research on the content of cannabinoids and antioxidants in dry buds of Cannabis Sativa L. taken from plants intended for industrial usage from registered producers in Slovenia.

This research is taking place at The Faculty of Health Sciences in Ljubljana. The aim of the project is to test as many dried buds of different varieties of hemp. The results will be compared as a whole by juxtaposing different varieties of hemp in regard to place of growth, date of sowing, method of drying etc.
The purpose of the study is to establish the influence that external factors have on the biosythesis of cannabinoids and antioxidants in hemp and to value the quality of dried buds that are inteded for further processing be it for food or for medicinal purposes. They intend to determine how much of a  factor is the aging process of the plant in regard to the above mentioned parameters.

Producers that wish to take part in the study are advised to sample as followed: those that intend to produce your hemp until the flowering stages, take samples are usual. Others that produce hemp for stalk or seed please take samples before harvesting and dry according to instructions.

If you wish to voluntarily participate in the study, please send your carefully taken sample to the following adress: Dr. Roman Štukelj, Faculty of Health Sciences, Zdravstvena pot 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia or personally deliver your samples to the door of The Faculty of Health Sciences.

When 15 samples are acquired (less has proven to be too costly) all of those taking part in the study will receive their results via email. The time needed to do so depends on the number of samples.

Konopko Coop supports all research efforts in the field of hemp. We believe that it is in the interest of all involved to do so.

Posted on: 11.09.2017